Protect your Life, Safeguard your Health, Preserve your Wealth

Kelso Financial Services is a Nova Scotia based company that believes Protecting your Life, Safeguarding your Health and Preserving your Wealth are all part of the same plan. We take the time to personalize your Life, Health, Wealth Plan to ensure that your goals are achieved within your budget.

Life Insurance

By using LIFE Insurance Products you can safeguard your family and/or business from the financial stresses at the time of your death.

Personal Life Insurance Business Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Safeguarding your HEALTH is important, whether it’s Personal Health Care Insurance, Disability Insurance or Group health care coverage we can help you find the right solution.

Health Insurance

Wealth Management

Preserving and growing your WEALTH is very important to you. By using well known strategies, we can help you find the best solutions that meet your needs.

  • Wealth Management